Guided Stillness Meditation Techniques

stillness meditation

In this article, I’m going to talk about one of the many guided stillness meditation benefits – Guided stillness meditation techniques that can be utilized to assist with helping you get over the negative self-talk. It’s a fairly well-known fact that negative self-talk can make a tremendous impact on your life and your well-being, but you may not realize just how powerful it is, or what you can do to help reduce the effects that negative self-talk can have on you.

What is the Purpose of Stillness Meditation?

Guided stillness meditation techniques are all about locating a quiet and calm place within yourself where you can find peace and quiet. These seven guided stillness meditation techniques are designed to help you find peace within yourself, and they are designed to promote awareness, curiosity, clarity, peace, kindness, healing, and wisdom. The way that these guided stillness meditation techniques are designed is by using simple breathing and relaxation techniques that allow you to relax as well as clear your mind. With these techniques, you’ll be able to find the very same calm inner peace that is sometimes experienced with the use of guided imagery meditation, self-hypnosis, or meditation through mantras.

One of the best meditation techniques that you can use to assist with becoming more relaxed is the guided stillness mediation. In this technique, you will breathe into a paper bag and exhale through a paper bag. You can also try to find a spot where you can put your hand and inhale only your breath through that hand. As your breathing becomes increasingly deeper and more relaxed, your focus will begin to shift away from everything around you will become focused on your breath. You’ll also find yourself becoming aware of the physical sensation of your breath as you are breathing, which can be very soothing.

stillness meditation

Guided stillness meditation techniques that can help you to relax include guided imagery meditation, wherein you’ll use images to create images within your mind that will help you find your true state of relaxation. These techniques will also include guided meditation, where you’ll focus on a single thing and pay attention to it at a time. For example, you may focus on the image of your hand holding a balloon or an apple, while you focus on your breathing, or your breathing might be focused on the sound of the ocean.

Dynamic Stillness Meditation

Guided stillness meditation techniques will also involve the use of the dynamic stillness meditation technique. This guided stillness meditation technique involves you taking a slow, even pace, without any change, allowing yourself to notice your breathing to help you with your relaxation. This type of guided stillness meditation technique is particularly helpful for people who find themselves in situations where they need to feel safe in their environment, such as when they’re working, while they’re in social settings, or while they are trying to establish a loving relationship with a person who they care about.

Imagery Meditation

Another of the many benefits that can come from using guided stillness meditation techniques is the use of guided insight meditation, where you use guided imagery meditation to create visual images, such as a waterfall or the sun setting over a green pasture. These visualizations are created in the mind through thoughts and feelings that you may choose to bring to mind. These visualizations are often used as part of guided stillness meditation techniques to assist with helping you achieve a higher state of consciousness. Once the images are in your mind, the visualization itself will cause you to feel as if you are experiencing the actual event.

Thought Meditation

Guided stillness meditation techniques will also require you to use guided thought meditation, where you create a very simple thought and ask the questions as you are thinking of them. This method will help you to bring your mind back into a relaxed state of mind. While you are doing this, you can also listen to your mind. Once you begin this method, you may find that you can access a deeper level of relaxation because you’ll be able to concentrate on the simple question that you are asking yourself.

Guided stillness meditation techniques will help you to be more relaxed when you are in situations where you may need to do work that requires you to think. You’ll be able to do this by using your conscious stillness meditation techniques. or even a guided imagery meditation.